Some important links for you...

Landscape Architecture
What is a Landscape Architect and how can we help with your project, some information here-

Landscape Institute

Green Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure (GI) is a strategically planned and delivered network of high quality green spaces and other environmental features, the following links outline its growing importance and how Landscape Architects are involved-

Landscape Institute - Green Infrastructure

Various information outlining the importance of good landscape design in housing designs-

Landscape Institute Housing Policy


Natural England - Landscape Importance

Public Health and Landscape
Various links emphasing the importance of open space in society and building developments-

Healthy Parks and Healthy People

Children's Play
Various links and resources outlining the importance of children's play and the need for good design-

Play England
Free Play Network

Natural Play
A great insight into the growing philosophy of natural play areas-

Philosophy Natural Play Areas

Landscape Character Assessment
The importance of Landscape Character Assessment and the Landscape Architects role

Landscape Character Assessment

Climate Change
Landscape Institutes Policy on Climate Change and how Landscape Architects can help-

Landscape Institute Climate Change Policy

Lottery Funding for Projects

Heritage Lottery Fund