Cemeteries & Crematoria

The Practice has been involved with several new Crematoria in sites across the country.
Our services included the following:

Landscape & Visual Assessment
Where the projects were in areas of high landscape value, these reports were crucial in the decision for approval in convincing the Local Planning Authority that there would be no detrimental effects on both the landscape and visual amenity of the areas concerned.

Masterplan Design
Each site was considered separately and a landscape masterplan produced for each which reflected local character and site requirements. Detail drawing were produced enabling the construction of the designs on site.

Memorial Gardens
The Practice developed a Memorial Garden for each site which was based around an agreed corporate design and image, with agreed features such as ponds and rose gardens being constructed to agreed standards and materials for each site.

Projects include
Fenlands Crematorium, Cambridgeshire
East Staffordshire Crematorium, Fradley, Staffordshire
East Devon Crematorium, Exeter, Devon
Three Counties Crematorium, Braintree, Essex
Mendip Crematorium, Croscombe, Wells, Somerset

The Practice has also been involved in the design and setting out of several cemeteries for Parish & Town Councils including:

Rugby Town Council - Crematorium and Cemetery Landscape Strategy
Kettering Borough Council - Cemetery Designs
Ashby Road Cemetery, Hinckley
Asfordby Cemetery Extension, Leicestershire

East Staffordshire Crematorium 

Near Fradley, Staffordshire, the development included areas of substantial native tree and shrub planting. Substantial native tree and shrub planting for habitat creation and boundary hedgerow repair, the site has been planted with more ornamental tree species such as Cedar to create a traditional parkland type setting to the Crematorium. Extensive areas of permanent grass field margins were created to allow for shelter and foraging of certain bird species. In addition a new pond were created, purely to enhance the bio-diversity of the site.

Mendip Crematorium

Mendip Crematorium is located near to the Somerset towns of Wells and Shepton Mallet and serves the surrounding areas. ISL Associates Ltd were commissioned to carry out a Landscape & Visual Appraisal of the site to highlight any potential issues and reassure the local authority that the development would not be harmful to the landscape character of the area. An overall Landscape Strategy for the site was prepared which included significant new areas of native tree and shrub planting, wildflower meadows and aquatic habitat. Detail designs were also prepared for the Memorial Gardens shown below.